• Evolution of chicken

    The domesticated chicken that we know today is a subspecies of the red jungle fowl.
    Earliest known domestication occurred in northern China around 8000bc determined from archaeological chicken bones. Previously South East, Mid East Asia,Europe &africa had birds Originating from Indian subcontinent.
    From India domesticated chicken was imported to Lydia &greece by 5th century BC. Also 6000 years ago the Persians used roosters for the famous spectator sport “Rooster fight

  • Indian scenario

    chickens farmed for meat are Broiler chicken, which are raised with capability to deliver body weight in Indian climatic & food conditions. More than 50 billion chickens are reared annually as a source of food, both meat &eggs. These birds are highly bio secured. Protein source is required for human wellness, as fish is relatively costly and unstable availability. chicken is widely preferred as it is affordable for a common man. Poultry industry flourishes the growth of Maize,Soya,Jowar,Groundnut in Indian Farmland.

  • COBB

    chicken being the most populated living in the world. The broiler bird has various lines of breeds like Cobb (USA), Ross (UK), Hubbard(FRANCE), Arbor acress (UK). Among which the most widespread and efficient is our COBB. MBS has COBB breeder line as the parent stock. COBB is present in every continent in the world celebrating its 100th centenary year.